Mobimex94 SRL is a company that manufactures custom furniture. With a rich experience of more than 16 years in the design and creation of furniture, she guarantees the most demanding and unique orders, for which she strives to provide an impeccable work in a warm and friendly spirit, always being listening to the various requests of his clients.

Examples of our work

A unique design, a variety of solutions and ingenuity that increase the performance of your furniture. Modern accessories are elements that contribute to the realization of an ideal arrangement. Functionality, comfort and quality are in harmony with the style and personality of any demanding client.

Our range of furniture to date:

Office furniture

Receptions, cabinets, lighting panels, paneled walls, offices, meeting tables, etc.


Examples of our most important customers:

Romgaz Medias (http://www.romgaz.ro) Headquarters: receptions, offices, conference rooms.

Hotel Bazna (http://www.bazna.ro/): lounge, reception Bazna

Central University Library

Romanian Bansk, National University of Art, Office of the European Parliament of Romania, the Ministry of Finance.

Germanos, Mobilrom, Vodafone, Credisson.


- Doina-Neptun
- Hanul Piraţilor - Mamaia
- Phoenicia – Bucuresti
- Novotel – Canada
- Sinaia – Sinaia
- Bazna - Mediaş
- Hotel Olimpic - Jupiter


Kitchens, living rooms, cloakrooms, bedrooms, children's rooms, small furniture.


Mobimex 94 distributes multifunctional seating.